Have you ever typed a random word into a website url, something like www.thing.com, and it brings up this page that's all crudely placed text and images and little else because someone snagged the domain back in the mid-90's and then made a simple page and kept it that way?

I can think of no better design ethos for this site.

Here's what I look like: (for more info, scroll down) Here's links:
cabinwoodThis is Cabinwood. It's a comedy webseries.
  twitterThis is my twitter. I make little jokes here.
  facebookThis is my facebook.You can stalk me here.  
This is my youtube channel. There are many like it, but this one is mine
  This is my other youtube channel. It has banjo videos.

Initially, the idea of the site was to promote myself as an actor. My friend Marco, who works in advertising, helped me to come up with a concept. You may have seen Marco in the Crunch ad pictured below. The site he designed can be accessed via the link to the left. I have emptied it of content so that it can stand alone on its own virtues. You can return to this page by clicking one of the faces.
The idea was to give the website multiple skins through which the user could access the information on the site. But Marco is a busy guy, and so the idea never quite took flight from his hands.

At left is an index page for one of these other skins that never got fleshed out. It was based on a concept band that I was in at the time called The Awesomes. Our deal was that we played horribly in order to get the audience to boo us, but actually we weren't really that bad. In this rendering, the name of the band was miswritten as "The Amazin's."

At some point I decided to take matters into my own hands and design a skin of my own. I used the same primitive web building software that Marco used, and that I'm using right now: Adobe GoLive 4.0.

The index page is a rip off of a poster for a bauhaus exhibit in the twenties that I found with Google Images. You can click on the guy's face to return to this page.