I create and collect characters. I write and act out the ones I create. The ones I collect are captured on camera and saved in boxes of various sizes. I have been working on one character in particular for my entire life. That character is me. I am Tom Hamilton.

What have I done? Drugs. Today, I changed the ring tone on my cell phone. I've written lots of resumes, tailored to all sorts of different jobs. Cliffjumping. Tried to learn guitar, piano. Learned tuba. Taught myself banjo. Nearly driven off the side of a cliff. Developed and then beat multiple neuroses. Saved a guy from drowning (although, for some reason, I'm not very comfortable talking about it. And yet I do talk about it.) Accidentally killed something. Made a list.

The Question is: what have you done? Clicked on the resume link on my website. Surfed the net. Cleaned the dirt out from under your fingernails. Wished you hadn't done something, and then convinced yourself to have no regrets. Buried something. Spoke in a language that you didn't understand. You sighed. Tried to hear what they were talking about. You made a list.

Seriously though, what have I done as an actor? Okay, wait a minute, what, what am I writing here? I can't remember. I shouldn't have said I've done drugs, I know that now. Or wait, maybe, maybe I never should have done them in the first place...Yeah...I MADE A LIST!